How to Soundproof a Door

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In today’s noisy world, there are many reasons for the need to sound proof your doors. In many places there is nowhere to build but up, causing many people to inhabit multi-family dwellings such as apartments, condos and townhouses. Living in close proximity to so many people can certainly create a situation where noise pollution is abundant and privacy is a sought after commodity. Noisy neighbors or even your own little furry friends can create a situation that requires the need for a soundproof door. Even if you don’t live in an apartment community, today’s gadgets and technology create their own noise within a home. Home theater systems and video games can make it hard to find a quiet spot in your own home to relax, noise free.

Depending on what level of noise you need to block, as well as what your budget allows, there are many solutions available to this problem that has become more common. To prevent noise from escaping into or out of your doors, the first step is to evaluate the current situation. Most doors have hollow cores, which allow the sound to pass through more easily. Solid core doors are, of course, more expensive, so the option of replacing your door may not be for everyone. A solid core birch door can be purchased for around $100, and more expensive materials, such as oak, can range between $300 – $400. While it can be costly, it’s a ‘solid’ solution to the noise reduction problem. 

The second biggest culprit is the space around the door. This is generally where most of the noise passes through, so sealing this off can be a very effective action in soundproofing your door. There are multiple ways to seal this space, the most popular options being the use of weatherstrips, doorsweeps and acoustic sealant caulk. All of these are very reasonably priced and easily applied. When using weatherstrip you should use a high-density foam tape for maximum effectiveness. Depending on your specific needs, such as whether it is an interior or exterior door, there are a multitude of options available ranging from $7 – $75. Caulking around the door will also provide a soundproof barrier and there are products made specifically for this purpose. Acoustic sealants are most commonly made of silicon acrylic and are one of the less expensive options available. The cost for these sealants can range from $10 – $20 and are easy to apply. Many of the brands currently available claim that when properly applied, they are able to reduce noise by 90%. No matter what your budget, skill-set, or living situation, soundproofing your door is one of life’s problems that can be easily solved with just a little research and a trip to your local hardware store.