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Are you waiting to prove yourself or promote your organization? If yes, CMS will help you achieve your goal with extended support more than you might expect. If you are not aware of what a CMS is, CMS abbreviates as Content Management System. It is a software which lets you create, organize, publish and process data on the web. Choosing a CMS is very important as it aids you to publish yourself to the internet fraternity. So, what to watch out for while choosing a CMS? Features:- The features are of two types. Built-in features and the add-on features are the two types of features. The software should have built-in features such as Image editing, open source coding, WYSIWYG editor, and contact form creator.

The software must also be provided with themes and skins enabling the user to design the layout of the website. The software must also be provided with regular updates. Security:- Security is of utmost importance for any website. Your website should not be vulnerable to cyber-attacks. As your website may contain information that is private and confidential, choose a CMS software which provides various security measures such as email verification and authentication protocols. Ease of use:- A car equipped with all the latest technologies bought by a user who doesn’t know how to drive is of no use.

The CMS should suit the needs of both beginner and professional web users. Help and support:- Often while using these kinds of software, the user will have lots of queries. To attend your queries the software company should provide the user with extended help and support. Let us see some of the CMS software available in the market. Vivvo Content Management System Software:- Vivvo-CMS is published by a company named SpoonLabs. With its user-friendly interface and extended help and support, the software is recommended for starters. The good thing about Vivvo-CMS is that it provides a free demo version which the users can test and upgrade it to a full version if the software is up to their expectation. The full version id of course not free, you’ll be getting a full version in the market at a cost of $250. The software is destined for news and media publishers.

ExpressionEngine:- The software is developed by Ellis Lab Inc. The software is known for its administrative features. ExpressionEngine provides the users with a wide variety of themes and skins. The only thing of concern is its cost. With this software the user will be able to develop a professional and comprehensive website designed to perfection. Drupal:- Drupal is a freeware. Yes, you read it right. Drupal offers CMS service free of cost. But, unless you have knowledge about HTML, editing text will be difficult. Users with no knowledge in HTML will only be able to come up with a plain and flat website which would lack appealing design. WordPress:- WordPress is also a freeware. It has hosted nearly 15 million websites.

It also includes basic security process such as content-approval and SSL authentication. You cannot expect regular updates and add-ons. The application suits individuals than organizations. If you are an individual who is interested in blogging, WordPress will be a good option to choose. Choosing one among the CMS software depends on what type of user you are. If you are a professional who is willing to spend money on designing a creative website, ExpressionEngine would be your ultimate option. If you are a starter who lacks basic knowledge in programming go ahead with any of the freeware available. If you are an organization freewares are not recommended. For those who live in the world of internet, CMS would certainly be your best friend with whom you will spend a lot of time. Choose your friend wisely.