Acorns review. If money could grow on a tree, this would be the seed

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A poet once marveled at how a whole, huge tree can fit into a tiny seed. Today, millennials marvel at how money can magically grow from Acorns found hidden in their transactions. It’s not as poetic, but it does make investing easier.
acorn money tree
With Acorns, online change is automatically invested in a selection of portfolios and can be viewed via an app on your phone. Your investment choices are limited to 5 portfolios, based on risk. This is great news for anyone who really doesn’t care where their money gets invested and just wants the returns. Acorns is also out to educate the masses, the more than 2.9 million using the app, about investments. The goal of the app is to make investing easy while giving investors room to grow. You can deposit a bulk sum or set up a monthly deposit. This allows Acorns to provide investment solutions to first time, easy going and more serious investors. You can also supplement your retirement investments through Acorns.

Another exciting feature of Acorns is the “found money” feature. This basically works as a reward system. They have a rather long list of partners that either give you a joining reward or a percentage of money spent. Those rewards are instantly invested, again growing your investment while you went on with your day, blissfully unaware of your growing money tree.

The app charges $1/month for funds under $5000 and 0.25% for funds over $5000. This might seem a small amount to pay, but take into consideration how much you’ll actually invest. If you regularly swipe on everyday items; breakfast, a candy bar after breakfast, fuel later today, a small lunch, a single coffee and then another on the way home, then using Acorns makes perfect sense. If however you pool your expenses together, for example you buy all the above mentioned items once off on your way to work at the gas station and only receive change once; the $1/month is going to be a huge percentage of your actual savings.

Acorns is great for the passive investor. You really want your money to grow and you want to dip your toes into the raging rapid that is the investment world but couldn’t really care about the small details. Go pick up those money Acorns young squirrels and grow some trees!